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March 13, 2013

Water Main Break Today

The maintenance crew has been working all day to repair a very large water main break that is affecting most of the district today.  The leak has been located and the repairs are being made.  Please be patient and know that the crew will not leave the work until it is finished and service is restored to all of our customers. 

There will be a boil order for those affected by this repair.  The boil order started at 12 pm Wednesday, March 13 and will last 48 hours ending at 12 pm Friday, March 15. 

July 27, 2012
Drought Assistance for Farmers

For more information about Drought Assitance for Farmers go to: http://dnr.mo.gov/
To apply for the Drought Relief Emergency Cost-Share Assistance, please contact your county's Soil and Water Conservation District.

July 26, 2012

To ensure that our customers have a sufficient supply of quality water to meet their needs, PWSD #4 Clinton County is asking that everyone participate in voluntary conservation until we get through this serious drought. 

Voluntary conservation measures include:
  • NO watering lawns
  • NO watering gardens or flowers
  • NO watering trees
  • NO use of water for recreational uses such as water slides or yard play
  • NO filling ofr topping off swimming pools
  • NO washing vehicles
  • NO washing of sidewalks, driveways, parking areas, patios, or other paved areas
  • NO use of public water for dust control
Your cooperation in this conservation is appreciated.

July 13, 2012
 Voluntary Water Conservation

Clinton County Public Water Supply District #4’s water is supplied by the City of Plattsburg. The City of Plattsburg has asked their customers to begin conserving water.    We are asking our water customers to also assist in this voluntary water conservation measure. This will help ensure that there will be an adequate amount of water throughout this hot dry spell. There is no danger of running out of water at this time; this is a precautionary step. 

The first step is to ask everyone to alternate days of watering lawns, gardens, and washing cars. The easiest way to do this is by using your address. If your address ends with an even number, do any outside watering you feel absolutely necessary on even days; if your address ends in an odd number, water on odd number days. As mentioned earlier, this is a first step. If additional steps are needed, we will let everyone know. Once again, there is no danger of running out of water. This is a precautionary step. 
By alternating watering days, the efforts that are required for pumping the water throughout our system and maintain the water levels within our system may experience some much needed relief.   
If additional steps are needed, we will let everyone know. 
Clinton County

March 22, 2010

Water District Launches New Web Site

CPWSD #4 of Clinton County, Missouri announced the launch of their new web site.  According to Laurie Ahart, project manager for the site, the purpose is to extend the office and information to better serve their customers.  "We're excited about being on the Internet," Ahart said.  "Besides contact names and numbers we are pleased to be able to provide and archive board meeting minutes and water quality reports.  Providing online information saves time and money and that directly translates to saving for the district and ultimately, our customers."

Web site services were provided by World Visions Internet Services, LLC (WVIS) in cooperation with the Missouri Rural Water Association (MRWA).  Steve Highlander, Director of Web Development for the company said, "We have had a long-standing relationship with MRWA, developing and managing their organizational site for a number of years.  Last year MRWA asked us to provide value-added services to their affiliate systems and assocaite members. We are pleased to work with MRWA and their local water districts to provide cost savings and service to their customers."

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